association of best food and traditional markets of Europe


EMPORION is the Association of the Best Food and Traditional Markets od Europe, an organization founded to promote the place of markets in

our societies and the role they play in the European building process. Broadening recognition of markets' importance is one of the main aims

of the Association.

EMPORION seeks to promote an identity and a culture fostered in markets, which is built around a food culture of fresh, quality products, and

thus contributes to a healthier and higher quality of life.

The Association also believes in the vital role markets play as social centres in our communities. Markets have always been a place for

exchanging ideas and coming in contact with new cultures. EMPORION wants to maintain this spirit going in the 21st century. EMPORION seeks to

share experience and resources, while acting as a lobby to represent traditional food markets in front of the European Institutuions.

- To join the forces of Europe's best markets, and promote their market model.

- To represent European markets in front of the European Institutions, signifying markets' importance as circuits of distribution in order to

ensure their future

- To facilitate multilateral relationships, good practice exchange, resource building and training

- To forge alliances with countries and cities that share similar challenges

- To demonstrate that modern methods and technology can be used in order to preserve this valuable European tradition

- To expand and incorporate additional European markets into the Association
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