association of best food and traditional markets of Europe

The Founding of EMPORION

EMPORION, the European Association of Markets, was established in Barcelona the 23rd of January, 2006. Representatives of the Association's five founders signed the constitutional document, signalling the start of its activities.

The signing of the EMPORION'S constitutional document was characterized by the founders optimism and their desire that the new European Association of Markets will create strong, unified representation for traditional markets in front of the official instances of the European Union.

The signers were Simone Crofton, Chief Executive of Borough Market of London; Rinaldo Bontempi, Representative of the Conservatoria di Torino; Alain Châtelet, President of the Association of Markets of Lyon; Akos Denes, Director of the Központi Vásárcsarnok market of Budapest; Manel Ripoli, President of the Association of Retailers of the Boqueria Market in Barcelona; and Jordi Portabella, President of the Municipal Institute of Markets of Barcelona.

The President of the Markets of Barcelona and Second Deputy Mayor, Jordi Portabella, was elected as the first president of the new association. Portabella announced that the main aim of the association is to represent the traditional food markets throughout Europe in front of the community powers and institutions, especially regarding the European Commission and Parliament. "We want a Europe the defends and promotes the municipal markets as a fundamental part of a model of society that worries about the health of the citizens, dialogue and social participation. EMPORION and the food markets want to make a contribution to the construction of a Europe close to the citizens, in which the markets continue to play a leading role in feefing the people," said Portabella.
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