association of best food and traditional markets of Europe

Who We Are

EMPORION is the new European Association of Markets, founded in January, 2006. It was born to defend and strengthen the position of markets in European society and the important role of markets in the European construction process.

EMPORION aims to support the identity and culture which flouishes in markets. Markets fulfill a crucial role as the social centers of cities, where ideas and cultures are exchanged. They are a meeting point and an invigorating factor in urban areas, economically and socially, and are an identifying feature of the European way of life.

Markets are the main vehicle of a distribution model of consumer goods, mainly food, built on the concepts of quality and diversity. This model fuels a food culture based on fresh, quality products, which contributes to the health of the surrounding population.

EMPORION is made up of the markets of five European cities, all of international prestige, wich have united to archieve common objectives. They are the markets of Barcelona, Központi Vásárcsarnok of Budapest, Borough Market of London, Porta Palazzo of Turin and the markets od Lyon.

The association is headquartered in the city of Barcelona, and promoted by the City Council through the Municipal Institute of Markets (IMMB). Rinaldo Bontempi, of the Conservatoria del Piamonte od Turin, was elected president of teh association's Advisory Board.

The association presented itself to the European Commission in Brussels in November, 2006. Upcomming activities include a Professional Technical Conference of the European markets, which will take place in the European Parliament in 2007.
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