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Porta Palazzo is the largest marketplace in Europe, with about 1000 food product stalls  inside as well as outside of the market building. One of Turin's 40 vibrant markets, it is located at Piazza della Repubblica, and showcases a wide range of goods: clothes, electrical appliances and of course, fresh food. But the fair balance between price and quality is indeed the main draw for the huge number of customers who shop there everyday. Saturday is the most crowded day for the market, when more than one hundred thousand people may visit it.

The attraction of such a huge trading area is enormous, and the market has long seen diverse visitors. It accommodated the waves of Italian immigrants that arrived in Turin during its economic and industrial boom in the 60’s. In the last 20 years, immigrants have arrived from all over the world. Porta Palazzo is now a vibrant cultural melting pot.

The market is located at Piazza della Repubblica, whose name commemorates the return of liberty to Italy in 1946 after 20 years of fascist dictatorship. The characteristic metallic structure of the market was created in 1916.
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