association of best food and traditional markets of Europe


Markets, Towards the Future

A new Europe is being built. Its social model and foundation are currently being defined. The vast experience of the EMPORION markets has shown that investing in markets means investing in cities and citizen’s the quality of life. Thus EMPORION seeks to promote markets as a crucial, essential tool in the Europe building project.

Public food markets are the best place to start in order to promote public health by means of adequate nutrition. As thriving social and commerce centers, markets also contribute to a vibrant cityscape, and promote contact between citizens. Markets are closer and to the people than the shopping superstores sales model, which add little to the liveliness or unique character of city centers, and build stores on the outskirts.

Markets such as Porta Palazzo in Turin, Központi Vásárcsarnok in Budapest, Borough Market in London, the Markets of Lyon and La Boqueria Market in Barcelona are good examples of what markets can do for those cities that believe in improving themselves and their citizens’ quality of life.
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