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(PPS) is known around the world for our work on the design and management of public spaces.It was founded as a non-profit in 1975 to build upon the pioneering Street Life Project of writer-sociologist William H. Whyte  Since then we have developed a unique process for transforming public spaces, which we call "Placemaking." Not only has PPS worked in over 1,500 communities in 47 states and 24 countries to improve parks, markets, streets, transit stations, libraries and countless other places, we have also deeply influenced the way cities and towns approach public space.

Cities and towns across the US are rediscovering the benefits of public markets. Learn how to start a market in your neighborhood or town. Look at case studies and explore the market planning process, including goal setting, concept development, economic feasibility, management, site selection and design. Class participants have included mayors, community development officials, neighborhood organizers and market sponsors.

Public markets are making a comeback. Cities that preserved their public markets, from Seattle to Cleveland to Buffalo to Philadelphia, have brought new life and vitality to them. New public market halls have been developed from Lynchburg, VA to Little Rock, AR to Toledo, OH to Asheville, NC. Thousands of farmers markets and craft markets have sprung up in cities trhorughout the country, atracting people back to the public spaces of their downtown and neigborhoods. The markets are at the same time a very good vehicle for the social integration.

A guidebook covering all aspects of the market development process, from simple, inexpensive farmers' and craft markets to large market districts. Shows how public markets can revitalize communities, create opportunity for fledgling entrepreneurs and provide safe and sociable public gathering places.

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Ten Qualities of Successful Public Markets

Markets at their best

Public markets are an essential building block of great cities--in the same way as parks, streets, and buildings. This gallery of historic and contemporary photos shows why.

Three ways to make sure there's a "there" there.

Three ambitious projects launch low-income entrepreneurs on the road to success.

Farmers markets boost the prospects of low-income communities with fresh, wholesome food.

From the 6th International Public Market Conference. Helen Tangires, October 30, 2005
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