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Med EMPORION is a project promoted and leaded by the cities of Torino, Barcelona and Genova, together with de Conservatoria dell Piemonte and the Conservatoire des Cuisines de la Mediterranée of Marseille. The general goal of the project is to study the importance of food markets in the Mediterranean area as a tool of urban development and economic promotion and to undertake a research about the importance of the product of proximity and the role of the market as a tool for social cohesion.


- Identification of the common potentials and values of the markets of the Mediterranean zone as key elements in the trade of proximity and the articulation of the populations.

- Promotion of the local food products and promotion of the relationship between the countryside and the city: sustainability, slow food, food sovereignty

- Improvement of the social responsibility of markets in their social environment.

- Creation of a net to exchange good practices, elaboration of recommendations and guides to improve market trade and market exchanges.


- Organization of four food festivals in Marseille, Torino, Barcelona and Genova  to spread the reality of the Mediterranean markets, their values and their characteristic products among the general public and to allow a contact between market traders and operators from east-west and north -south of the Mediterranean zone.

- Start up of four pilot programs to test new strategies to increase food markets social cohesion’s actions and social responsibility.

- Development of  two academic studies, one about the presence of the product of proximity in the markets and another on the challenges and the opportunities of Mediterranean markets.

- Creation of a web page of the markets of the Mediterranean zone, with useful information that will remain after the end of the project.

- Publication of a Guide of standards of quality and a collection of standards of good practice to improve the daily management of the markets.

- Edition of a  policy recommendations document addressed to the European and local authorities in charge of markets.

Expected results

- State of art of the situation of the markets in the MED zone and the Mediterranean are in general: dimensions, diagnosis, identification of good practices and opportunities through a grass roots study.

- Conceptualization of the Mediterranean frame of the food markets as a space of relationship, encounter, exchange, work and research. Identification of the opportunities.

- Creation of a net of markets of the Mediterranean area for the exchange of good practices among the business agents, the operators and the traders.

- Creation of a frame of commercial exchange among the participant markets.

- Improvement of the management of the markets with the transfer of good practices of four pilot programs locally displayed

- Increase the importance of the markets in the political agenda

- To raise awareness raising and concern about the importance of the fresh products and products of proximity in the market in the frame of the health policy, environment and food sovereignty.

The markets and the European construction

In short, the project Med EMPORION will try to contribute to the European construction, and to the dialog and inter-Mediterranean cooperation from the food markets, considerate not just as important elements of the proximity trade but also as agents of economic and social development, and creators of values linked to the social cohesion, the public health, the environmental sustainability and the food sovereignty.
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