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Barcelona Festival starts preparation

The city of Barcelona will live on October 2010 one extense set of activities organized by Markets of Barcelona and that fundamentally will take place in the net of 46 markets, but also in other places, under the name of Barcelona Food Market Festival (BMF).  

One of the more distinguished activities of the BFMF is the organization in the center of the city, of a Mediterranean market. The Market will show a sample of the most characteristic products of the two shores of the Mediterranean zone. It has for goal to introduce the importance of the products of the Mediterranean diet and to put the municipal markets in value like the ideal place to carry out the daily purchase.

The visitors will be able to know the origin, qualities and varieties of the main Mediterranean products, to participate in cooking lessons carried out by prestigious chefs and in workshops about Mediterranean products. Citizens will enjoy educational activities, addressed to public of all ages.

The activities are addressed to all the population, and especially to the youngest and those that do not yet know all the potentiality of the market as a commercial establishment

A big challenge, several goals

- Provide information about the products of the Mediterranean diet present to the market, their different varieties and qualities, denominations and origins and nutritional values.

-  Introduce and putting in value the reality of food markets of the Mediterranean zone as well as their commercial and social function

- Promote the Catalan and Mediterranean products produced in ground, through exhibition

-  Facilitate the tasting of characteristic Mediterranean products.

-  Introduce the Mediterranean diet as a healthy and cultural concept.

-  Introduce the concepts of alimentary sovereignty, consumption of the local production in the daily purchase.

- Promotion of the environmental responsibility in the purchase
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