association of best food and traditional markets of Europe

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The Markets Today

Food markets are an institution in Europe and have existed for centuries. Europe’s history is built upon the history of its markets and its great traders, who traveled all over the continent exchanging their products. The sea played a key role in trade development, especially the Mediterranean. Sailors travele ...


Markets, Towards the Future

A new Europe is being built. Its social model and foundation are currently being defined. The vast experience of the EMPORION markets has shown that investing in markets means investing in cities and citizen’s the quality of life. Thus EMPORION seeks to prom ...

The Best Markets


Markets and More

(PPS) is known around the world for our work on the design and management of public spaces.It was founded as a non-profit in 1975 to build upon the pioneering Street Life Project of writer-sociologist William H. Whyte  Since then we have developed a unique process for transforming public spaces, which we call "Plac ...

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